Unparalleled Yanshi: Gracious Master of Emei (2018) Watch Now

Unparalleled Yanshi: Gracious Master of Emei (2018)


Elderly Nun Wumei inadvertently obtained a special martial art “Yanshi’s Offering”, where the practitioners can control others in distance, no matter they’re living or dead. At the same time, Emperor Qianlong’s nephew Yonghan held a grudge since his father Hongshi died tragically after being cut from his clan status. Under the guise of killing people who had been opposing Ming Dynasty, he plundered the martial art skills of all sects and tried to usurp the throne. His new goal is the Emei secret skill “Yanshi’s Offering.” Bai Yuanming, who is proficient in medicine, came to Emei to relieve the malaria crisis. He met Li Erhuan, a female disciple of Emei, and was involved in disputes. Under the pseudonym Sun Ziyi, Yonghan sneaked into Emei to provoke a dispute in an attempt to profit from it, and was eventually defeated by Bai Yuanming and Li Erhuan.


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2018

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