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Unforgettable Blast


Ye Su (Jiang Chao decoration), Zhang idle (蒋雪鸣 ), Huang Dazhong (Ha Wang) to love and dreams, decided to stay in the big city after graduation to work hard, they believe that by virtue of their education and intelligence will break a world, began a resume, interview, denied, and then resume, and then interviews …… life. The reality is cruel helpless, although found a job, but not imagined it, but the boss criticize, ridicule by colleagues, from morning to evening but still can not let the boss satisfied …… but they are still high-spirited, high morale, proposal, restructuring team, overtime with clients, take the last bus the bus …… when everything seems on track, there was all kinds of misfortune, Su Ye are wealthy people, and for the dignity of resignation cheating girlfriend, Zhang busy being fired, Huang Dazhong for friendship bare speech ……
After the candidates, to work, after the resignation of a series of reality and inner struggle, the three friends decided a good base to decide their own future, then incarnation “wonderful cane man” began entrepreneurial path ……


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2015