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Persona: Sulli (2023)


“Persona: Sulli” is split into two parts: A short film titled “4: Clean Island”, and a feature-length documentary film “Dear Jinri” (Sulli’s real name), which includes the star’s final interview.

“4: Clean Island” is a short film about a main character named Nezzi (Sulli) who dreams of immigrating to the cleanest place in the world, ‘Clean Island’. In order to pass through an immigration checkpoint to the island, Nezzi needs to confess a sin. Her sin involves a story about a special pig. This narrative presents a remarkable canvas for the viewers to appreciate Sulli’s profound and emotive performance.

“Dear Jinri” is a documentary which features the diverse concerns and thoughts of 25-year-old Choi Jinri (Sulli) in the form of interviews. The documentary conveys Sulli’s wish for the public to see her and like her for just the way she is.


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2023

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