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Set in ancient China, the tale of the Painted Skin narrates the story of a demon, Xiao Wei, who tries to prove that love can be broken and that true lovedoes not exist in the world.The story begins with an innocent Xiao Wei, though at this time she is not yet called Xiao Wei, and she is snatched in the jawsof a mysterious demon trap. The noble and righteous man Wang Sheng happens to chance upon her in her animal form and decides to free herfrom thetrap,notknowthatsheisademon.Becausehetooktimetofreeherfromthetrap,heisencircledbyhisfather’sguardsandescortedbacktohiswedding.Thiswasthefirtmeeting between Xiao Wei and Wang Sheng and a moment that she will never forget. From this incident, she transforms into a human and begins to wander the world, Wang Sheng always on her mind.
Wang Sheng is commanded by his father to wed the daughter of a noble family, Pei Rong. She is filled with disgust at having to marry into the family but agrees in order to save her family. On that fateful night, mysterious forces raid Wang Sheng’s family as wellas the city. A series of events eventually lead Wang Sheng and Pei Rong out of the city, andare joined by the warrior Pang Yong, who is in love with Pei Rong. Not far behind Xiao Wei area pair ofdemon hunters, Xia Bing and her master, who befriend her and then part ways.The tale of the Painted Skin tells usthestoryofthesecharacters,embroiled by love, loyalty,and grief. Having her heart broken by another demon hunter, Xiao Wei travels the world trying to find the meaning of love and a man who will love her.Pei Rong and Pang Yong have grown up together since childhood and were decidedly meant to betogether, but what will happen when Pei Rong begins to waver and falls for the charismatic and honest Wang Sheng? Xiao Wei desperately seeks love, what will happen when she finds Wang Sheng again? How will she try to steal his love? Will Xia Bing ever be able to exact revenge on


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2011

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