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One Step Away


During the war, underground workers Fu for years (Honglei decoration) has a dual agent’s identity, he and partner “shadow” (Xu Jinglei decoration) is supposed to be the last collaboration may vary with joint man “echo” (Huang Lei ornaments) is Fu for years boss – in the EC spy chief Ji had grace (Alex ornaments) to capture, both face a major threat. Critical juncture shadow sacrificed himself to save the Fu for years, the truth has been adopted shadow-sister rather be (Kwai Lun Mei decorated) look in the eyes, with the deepening of contacts and a series of events disputes, rather be with Fu after years of fate camel in love, but the good times not long, the country has to make two separate enemies hate. After the war, Mrs. Ji (Ada decoration) introduced over the years to Fu sisters Lucho Yi (Jiang Qinqin ornaments), at this moment rather appeared to be a double identity, so that Fu KMT and disputes over the years but can not face the close proximity of love touch, the task of organizational life so that he faces the most difficult choice, as the civil war intensified, he go from here?


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2014