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Konya wa kokoro dake daite


47-year-old Aso Toko is asked by her ex-husband Masaoka Ryosuke to take their 17-year-old daughter Miu under her care because he is leaving for an overseas assignment in London. Toko who had wanted to take custody of her daughter, has her long-cherished wish fulfilled and her old friend Suga Yohei is happy for her. However, Toko does not have the confidence to live with Miu who is now a high school student. Although Miu also has no intention of living together with the mother who had abandoned her, the two of them meet again for the first time in 12 years in order to have a discussion. On the very day that mother and daughter are reunited, Miu’s impertinent behaviour angers Toko, and they reach an agreement to live separately with Miu staying at a friend’s house. However, Toko and Miu get trapped in the lift they took right after that and then the lift suddenly plunges. The shock from this incident causes their souls to swap bodies. As a result, the two of them have no choice but to live together. They are forced to witness each other’s daily life and secrets. While mother and daughter sling long-held feelings at each other, they try to undo the situation through a process of trial and error. With an age gap of 30 years, Toko finds it difficult to deal with youth while Miu is bewildered by old age. And yet, they are one in body and soul. Theirs is a delicate relationship. And then, the two of them experience the tremulous excitement of love that is age inappropriate. Before long, Toko and Miu get a better understanding of being female and face what it is to be parent and child again.


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2014

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