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Kazama Kimichika: Kyojo Zero (2023)


In this work, the mystery of why Kazama has become such a ruthless personality will be revealed.

The story depicts the era when Kazama Kimichika was assigned to the police academy as a criminal instructor. He led a training system coined “Kazama Dojo”, in which young detectives are teamed up with Kazama to learn the skills of a detective through the investigation of actual murder cases.

The rookie detectives, who had been previously dismissed as unqualified, learn Kazama-style case investigations and feel their own powerlessness. With both eyes, Kazama sees through the truth faster than anyone else. Eventually, the junior detectives will graduate from the Kazama Dojo one by one…
~~ Adapted from the novel “Kyojo” (教場) by Nagaoka Hiroki (長岡弘樹).


Status: Ongoing

Release Year: 2023

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