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It’s On Me (2009)


News comes out that several people found 1 kg of solid gold in their mail boxes. Yamabuki Maya moves back to her hometown and surprises the movers by the amount of money she gives them.
After settling in her hometown, Maya one day takes the city train and sees former high school classmate Michigawa Tamotsu driving the city train. He tells her wistfully that he initially hoped to drive trains all around the world, but is now resigned to driving the city train. Several days later, Tamotsu receives a package from Maya with money and a map of the world railway system.
Uozumi Saki’s husband dies suddenly. For her husband’s funeral, her old high school classmates arrive. It seems May made an exorbitant amount of money while living in Tokyo. Maya then tells her old high school friends I will make your dreams & hopes come to fruition


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2009