Huang Zi Fei Xiu Lian Shou Ce (2022) Watch Now

Huang Zi Fei Xiu Lian Shou Ce (2022)


A beauty expert has time travelled to ancient times to become Luo Mingwan, a princess of the Great Ning Dynasty.

Due to a plane crash, a modern-day girl who is an expert in skincare that comes from a family that dabbles in traditional Chinese medicine finds that she has time travelled. Taking on the identity of Luo Mingwan, she meets the eldest prince Zhang Lanying and becomes the princess consort.

It is said that Zheng Lanying is tyrannical, but Luo Mingwan discovers that there is simply no truth to the rumors. Through their interactions, she also discovers Zheng Lanying’s “secret”. Luo Mingwan once again picks up her interests and sets off a beauty trend among the nobles.


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2022

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