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Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers


A legendary femme fatale, So Yong uses her natural beauty, sensuality, and wit to win the King’s love and becomes part of his royal concubine. King Injo indulges himself in So Yong and neglects his sovereign duties. Taking advantage of King Injo’s impotence, So Yong snatches his power and exercises absolute control over the entire country. She even joins a rebellion along with her stepfather. Crown Prince So Hyeon, upon returning home after seven years in captivity, tries to develop his country by adopting advanced scientific practices and culture. However, the young Prince is a threat to So Yong and she decides to manipulate the King into poisoning his own son. After Prince So Hyeon’s death, Kang Bin, the Crown Princess, finds out that So Yong is the culprit. In league with the courtiers, Kang Bin tries to defeat So Yong and win the country back. But So Yong is conniving and not about to roll over. The vicious story of the Bloodied Palace begins.


Status: Completed

Release Year: 2013

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